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Hotel Rauriserhof

Hotel Rauriserhof, your 4-star hiking hotel in the Rauris Valley, exists and manages itself hand in hand with the unique nature of the National Park Hohe Tauern in Salzburg.

Your hotel in the Rauris Valley, the Rauriserhof, lies in one of the most stunning alpine valleys that Austria has to offer in the heart of the National Park Hohe Tauern. Time seems to have stood still at the doorstep of your hotel in Rauris. The beauty of nature shows itself in all its glory in the Rauris Valley in Austria. Untouched, natural and honest just like the landscape, is also the hospitality, which is cultivated at your hotel in Rauris that is the Rauriserhof.

The connection with nature characterises the philosophy of your hotel in Rauris, the Rauriserhof. For many centuries the people of the Rauris Valley have known about the power of nature as a source of inspiration and mirror of the soul.

Come and stay at the Rauriserhof in Salzburg: your hotel in the Rauris Valley and soak in the open views of the intact nature of the surrounding alpine mountains cape. Use the online enquiry form as your first step closer to a holiday in the wildly romantic Rauris Valley in Austria.

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Hotel Rauriserhof

Tradition and innovation at your hotel in the Rauris Valley in Salzburg. The family-run Rauriserhof hotel has been owned by the family Rießlegger-Mayr. They create a most pleasant atmosphere with their cordiality and their love for detail. For more than 50 years the family runs their hotel in Rauris with a lot of joie de vivre, keeping traditions alive and with a sense for the right innovations.