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Try your luck in the golden valley of Austria

Around 2,000 years ago gold was discovered in Rauris. Perhaps you will also find your very own golden treasure when gold panning in Austria.

The shiny noble metal has been the source of great wealth for the Salzburg archbishops. Who knows, maybe you find one or two pieces of gold at the Rauris gold panning spots during your holidays in Austria. Gold mining in the Rauris Valley in Salzburg has a long history. At one time 10 percent of the world's gold was mined in Rauris. After the gold mining stopped in the last century, only a few hopeful people are still tempted to remain gold mining. Become a treasure hunter in Rauris during your holiday by gold panning in Austria! You can try your luck on at the three gold washing bays. If you do not find gold, you will nevertheless be rewarded by the view of the jewels of nature that frame the gold washing bays. The gold washing bays are nearby to the alpine pastures.

Gold panning in Austria: An experience for the whole family

Spend a golden summer in Rauris. Catch gold fever and become a professional treasure hunter. You are guaranteed to find gold at the gold panning centre. You will even receive a gold diggers document certifying your gold panning experience. There are well laid out playgrounds near the gold washing bays to keep the small gold-hunters happy, and perhaps also those who have not got rich.

You will have a lot of fun gold panning in Austria! And at the end of the day you will find relaxation at the 4-star hotel Rauriserhof that is more valuable than all the gold in the world. Send an online enquiry for your golden summer holiday in Rauris.